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FAQ: How many photos can I expect from my session?

Side Profile of Woman with Blonde Hair Wearing a white wedding dress posed beside Lake Harding in Alabama
Claire's Wedding on Lake Harding

Rest assured - It is totally normal to be curious about how many photos you can expect from a photo session!

After shooting numerous weddings, individual portraits, and family portraits, I've found that I deliver between 50-90 images per hour of photo time.

Bride smiling with husband through window with reflective glass

That means that for a two-hour portrait session, you'll receive 100-200 photos in your online gallery once the photos have been reviewed, edited, and duplicate shots removed.

Likewise, for a full day of wedding photography (~8 hours), you can expect anywhere between 400 - 800 photos to be delivered.

Once edits are complete (yay!), all photos that made the cut will be uploaded to your online gallery hosted via Adobe Lightroom. Here, you'll have the opportunity to review your images and download them in their highest, most lovely quality.

And now the photos are yours to enjoy! Need a little inspiration for what to do with your photos now that you have them? Check out this post for a few creative ideas:

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