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starting at $4500

Wedding Photo (10 Hours)

What's Included?

- Consultation
- Formal Family Portrait List
- Custom Photography Timeline
- 10 Hours of Photo Coverage by Vega
- 750+ High Resolution Images
- Delivery within 10 weeks

Best for:

Couples who want every detail of the day captured


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process to reserve you for my wedding date?

The very first step is submitting your information (you can use this form.

If you already have a venue and date chosen, go ahead and include that with your submission to be sure I am available for that date. 

A 20% deposit is all that's needed to reserve your date - This will be applied towards your remaining balance. 

Any remaining balance is due in full 14 days before the date of your ceremony. 


What's your photography and editing style like?

I capture the natural flow of day with a candid, photojournalistic style, and then provide gentle instruction for family shots. 

The little moments like children playing in the sand or a bridesmaid grabbing a quick snack on the way to group photos are the details that make the story of your day come to life in your wedding collection. 

When the time comes, I'll step in and patiently guide you and your family, bridesmaids, groomsmeninto place to capture group photos. 

When it comes to editing, each photo is individually edited by adjusting the saturation and brightness of colors, contrast between black and whites, and sharpening photos if they need a little pop due to dark surroundings.

Since my goal is to deliver an an album that is an authentic representation of your wedding day, I ensure that the colors of my photos reflect the palette of your day.

What is your photo backup process like?

During weddings I use cameras that have dual card slots - That means that there are two copies of every single photo taken during the day. 

When the SD cards aren't in active use, they live securely in a padded and waterproof Pelican case.

I also bring my laptop on-location and if there is time throughout the day, I will transfer the photos to a SSD. 

The photos are also copied to a Amazon Web Services Server where they are kept safe and sound.



Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! If you're interested in viewing full wedding galleries, please send an e-mail to 

When will I receive my photos?

Turnaround time varies based on the amount of coverage you choose - as a rule of thumb, allow 1 week of edit time per hour of coverage.

For 10 hour weddings, delivery within 10 weeks

For 8 hour weddings, delivery within 8 weeks

For 6 hour weddings, delivery within 6 weeks. 

You can have your cake and eat it, too! You'll receive a small collection of fifty photos within 72 hours after your wedding to curb your curiosity!


It can take up to ten weeks to receive the photos?

That's right - The time to edit wedding photos well is similar to how much time you need to make an A+ in a college level course (for every one hour of class time, you'll be studying three to five hours!)

Once the day is finished, I begin uploading photos to my editing program and online backup, sorting through the shots, and then the editing begins!

I make it a point to edit multiple hours in a day when my schedule allows it - other weddings and sessions, along with spending time with my family all occupy a piece of that time. 

All in all, I promise that the wait will be entirely worth it. Great things take time. 

What type of gear do you use? 

You can rest assured that I'm equipped with two full frame mirrorless cameras on your wedding day.

I quickly switch between lenses when the situation calls for it - That allows me to photograph your first kiss without blocking the view of your guests and take tack sharp family photos. 


What can we create together?

Hang tight - I'll be in touch soon!

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